Tioga-Sequoia Beer Garden

Fresno, CA
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Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun - All day.
Tue thru Thu - All day.


Angie Lind
Angie Lind Sat Oct 21 2023
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Every time we go there, we have such great staff, a friendly and cozy atmosphere, and something to suit every taste. We stopped in at some nearby food trucks and had our meal here, where they allowed us to bring drinks (also perks of being patrons of their chain). My wife chose Lata de Fruta - Lime, while I am not particularly fond of beer either, but I always ask for the closest brand when it comes to cider, which is always on my table.

Sally Gerhold
Sally Gerhold Wed Aug 16 2023
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A nice spot next to the baseball field and a great place with good beer options. We decided on the Latana de Fruti Kiwi and went straight to home made there better. My wife got some of their Summer Vibe, which was delicious. Looking forward to hanging out once more. Tip: The area is quite small at night so be careful when going inside the dark. Warning: Large bottles of water may spoil the drinks in this store.

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Address 745 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA, 93721
Phone number (559) 486-2337
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