Coyote Grill

Laguna Beach, CA
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Happy hour

Everyday - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
$5.50 - Domestic Beers $7 - Mexican Beers Nothing better than an icy cold beer when it's warm out. Beat the heat and choose your flavor. Mexi Beer: Corona Corona Light Corona Familiar Pacifico Bohemia Negra Modelo Modelo Especial Dos Equis Lager Dos Equis Amber $7 - HH Margarita Made with Conciere Tequila Reposado, a dash of triple sec, and our house made Sweet & Sour! For $1 more, you can upgrade to our tequila of the week! Just ask your server. $6 - Bloody Mary Mix $7 - Quart of Coyote's Margarita Mix We make our sweet and sour mix in house every day. Take a quart home. One quart will make at least 10 margaritas. Shake your margaritas with plenty of ice. You can also make a great Virgin Margarita with a splash of soda or sparkling water.


Neva Wed May 31 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

Located in south Laguna, Coyote Grill is an unusual restaurant that offers stunning views of the ocean. The food is spotless, but the parking area is not always tidy and walking on PCH can be challenging. Staff members are friendly throughout their service, and most tables are small with a covered patio that allows for natural light. I prefer to dine outdoors while some choose to sit inside; we ordered fish, calamari tacos, or oyster rolls.

Bartholome Cummerata
Bartholome Cummerata Tue Apr 18 2023
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

The valet's service was excellent and the bartenders were prompt in answering questions, while our drinks were delicious. We had a great meal, given that it was my first time there but we won't be back anytime soon as we didn' not want to order anything.

Bartholome Cummerata
Bartholome Cummerata Sat Apr 15 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

This Mexican restaurant was spot on, with a fantastic selection of dishes. The vegan enchiladas and veggie fajitas were delicious, and the food was delectable. There was also an extensive bar with my favorite cocktails (including tequilas), and there was excellent service. We would definitely recommend this place.

Rachel Haley
Rachel Haley Fri Apr 07 2023
Value 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

This is a cute little beach bar, but it doesn't have authentic Mexican food. The absence of tortillas and real beans means that the experience is mostly enjoyed by the locals rather than tourists; they also provide good quality food options for those who stay overnight.

Christian Tue Apr 04 2023
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

The restaurant we frequented for years has lost its appeal. We're not sure what took place, but I wouldn't recommend it. Our dining experience is nothingcompared to our previous experiences.

Lucinda Runolfsdottir
Lucinda Runolfsdottir Thu Mar 16 2023
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

I spotted the Coyote Grill while browsing through Laguna Beach restaurants and was immediately impressed by the food. The chips and salsa, along with fries were served alongside the burgers, but it wasn't exactly what we had planned for our meal. I also enjoyed the fish tacos as they were my favorite since these are so delish.

Christian Tue Feb 14 2023
Vibe 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

For lunch, I ordered chips, salsa, shrimp cocktail and fish taco at Monarch Beach, along with lemons and Tapatio packets. The packaging was different this time around compared to previous visits, but I appreciated the eco-friendly straws used for the shrimp drink and other condiments that were always included in the main course. Which one of them was your favorite? Thank goodness!

Cole Bergnaum
Cole Bergnaum Sun Jan 29 2023
Vibe 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

I think Stephen's bartending is killing it at the bar. He needs to be paid more for his outstanding service, even though he was already receiving good service from the manager. The location and food are commendable, and they should really earn my respect.

Jamie Abernathy
Jamie Abernathy Wed Jan 11 2023
Value 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

Coconut shrimp, margaritas, and a view of the ocean. What else can you expect? Although parking is posh, otherwise Coyote Grill is fantastic. Why not?

Amaya Wehner
Amaya Wehner Thu Jan 05 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

I'm not sure why I never ate here, but it was worth trying. The view of the ocean and the attentive servers made our experience unforgettable. We had Katie for lunch and she was fantastic! Plus, every person we met there had a wonderful time eating delicious food.

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