roxanne’s cocktail lounge & latin grill

Long Beach, CA
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Everyday - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Belle Thompson
Belle Thompson Fri Jun 28 2024
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During my first visit to the California Highlands during long beach burger week, I was treated to an all-expenses food truck experience. The location was perfect for our trip, with parking available right outside of the building at 2pm on Wednesday. Insiders are dressed in period clothing and canny items like bicycles or jukeboxed chairs that hang out in the lobby and outdoor patios.

Imogene Thu Jun 27 2024
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I'm a big fan of the retro vibe and the patio vibe. We usually dine on cocktails and appetizers, but my friends and I prefer the indoor seating arrangement instead of going in for open mic nights. The appetizer list is fairly average, with only the skewers that are too salty to enjoy. I would suggest trying sliders or empanadas instead. There's also ice cubes/chips available for an extra fee.

Meggie O'Connell
Meggie O'Connell Wed Jun 19 2024
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Despite being a veteran, we were very pleased with the outstanding service and customer experience provided by Michelle. She took great care to ensure our satisfaction and made us feel like we had entered an unfamiliar bar.

Melvina Tue May 07 2024
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On St. Patrick's Day, I met a Haitian bartender at another establishment and she extended an invitation to me: drop by Roxanne'S, located off the 405 exit on Saint Patrick Square. The bar is open 24/7 with live music, billiards tables, and whiskey making options available for patrons. Don't forget to visit their restaurant!

Bonnie Sat Mar 23 2024
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Does anyone know what the tajin fee is at A Michelada? The food was tasty, but the atmosphere and decor were also impressive. The bar area had good music, the pool table was lively, everyone spoke English, people spoke French, etc. But the price was too steep for my liking...

Juvenal Koepp
Juvenal Koepp Mon Feb 19 2024
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Although it may be perceived as a dive or dive spot, the bar has an identity crisis that is worth exploring. The counters inside are more elaborate than those outside, and there's ambiance that makes them feel like they're in rural settings.

Domenick Fri Jan 12 2024
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Offering a venue that caters to individuals in their mid-30s, this spot is ideally situated for socializing and enjoying music. The bar, which has seasoned servers and young staff working around the clock, is known for its excellent cocktails on weekends as well. Late visitors are not typically frugal at this location.

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