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Oakland, CA
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Mon thru Fri - 9:00 am to 2:30 pm
Sat thru Sun - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Jimmie Mon Jul 15 2024
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Despite the full table setting being occupied, the staff was attentive and helped us feel at ease while enjoying our meal. The food was delectable throughout, including a hearty bowl of fried chicken with waffles and crispy rice, which we enjoyed with wings and macaroni salad.

Clementine Thu Jul 04 2024
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The korean fried chicken was crispy, but the flavors were not very good. I had hoped for a more intense and spicy flavor, which didn't work well with me. The waffles were also decent, though, they didn’t have the sweetness or fluency that is usually associated with this classic side. Although the combination of chicken and waddle meat was incredibly unique, it didnt quite hit the mark.

Leone Purdy
Leone Purdy Mon Jun 10 2024
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The brunch spot is perfect for those who enjoy a bacon-filled bacon sandwich and hearty coffee.

Araceli Brown
Araceli Brown Thu May 16 2024
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It was an amazing experience to try out the mango tajin mimosas, which were delicious. We had to wait in line for a while before dining there again. Other than that, it was purely fantastic.

Curt Mayert
Curt Mayert Thu Apr 11 2024
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Despite the popularity of the place, we were seated in less than 15-20 minutes when our waiter arrived. The bacon was delicious and had a great flavor. Our seasonal black tea latte did not melt or taste as well because of uneven cooking methods such as using charcoal that resulted in grit instead of water.

Lukas Thu Mar 07 2024
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I'm looking for a cozy brunch spot in Oakland that doesn't disappoint, especially when you can add your name to the waitlist on Yelp. The waitstaff is always accommodating, but our visit was worth it considering we had chicken sausage benedict and potatoes. Although not overly lavish, the food was delectable. My family enjoyed their stay here.

Tressa Langosh
Tressa Langosh Sat Feb 10 2024
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They served me their country benedict, which was made up of crispy and juicy chicken, green tea (with the addition of tomato, gochujang chilli), and a cup of coffee. The resulting dish was decent in flavor, with the fried chicken being perfectly crispy as silk.

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