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Timothy Sat Mar 02 2024
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The dinner we had was excellent, thanks to the attentive and knowledgeable manager who made it a great choice. The music is not too loud and everyone's plate is clean, and the food served is delish. We were treated to something that went beyond just ribs, potatoes, onions, green onions...It'll be advisable to bring our lunch items for service.

Keon Thu Jan 25 2024
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Although the service was excellent, it made it difficult to remove the dry and tough baby back ribs that were hard to get. The only issue was when I tried to bite off some meat, which caused my son's birthday dinner after his first meal.

Selina Hamill
Selina Hamill Tue Nov 21 2023
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I highly recommend this spot for lunch! The food andambiance are fantastic, and the staff is friendly and helpful. My friend arrived promptly and I was able to take my order. The service was impeccable as well. It was very attentive too. They served me delectable chicken tortilla soup with their $17.95 lunch menu; it also went down perfectly with another whiskey drink on the rocks. Yum!

Davion Sat Nov 04 2023
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The restaurant is a newcomer to the area, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Our waitress was friendly and helpful, even though she wasn'T THERE. We were served fresh garlic bread rolls and appetizers like baby back ribs, bbq chicken breast, loaded mashed potatoes, etc. Their BBQ combo was highly recommended because it offers three meats and 2 sides, which we ordered through their website.

Urban Fri Sep 15 2023
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We had a lunch and it seems like everyone else at the office was having their Christmas work event. However, we were not able to sit together as we found ourselves with adjoining tables even though there were bigger groups than us. I understand that there was room for more people, but once our server arrived, everything went smoothly. The meal came along nicely, and I enjoyed trying different meat options (like sliders).

Rodolfo Fri Jun 16 2023
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I couldn't have asked for a better meal. Our server, Omari, was fantastic and provided us with the most delicious baked potato we had ever had. The shared meats included corn on the cob and Mac& cheese; my husband didn'at least not worry about gluten, so they brought us one from our table.

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