nido’s backyard

Oakland, CA
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Happy hour

Mon thru Fri - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Sundays - 8:00 pm to 1:00 am

Tacos special

Tuesdays - 7:00 pm to close.


Pascale Fri Mar 22 2024
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

Although I've only stayed once at this place, I can't say how much I love it. Perhaps the outdoor lighting and small flower/succulent arrangements make it a perfect fit! The waitstaff was polite and knowledgeable about all types of food and drinks, including vegetarian and vegan options. We enjoyed their delicious chips with totopos as well as some sweet treats.

Shawna Mon Feb 19 2024
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

The food was delectable, the restaurant had a good heater and the service was excellent. The corunda was delicious and tasted like tamale with chips and queso contigo. They also had chips that were perfectly balanced. Cazuela is ok for if you're looking for one big drink. It's cozy and spacious. Don't forget to try the flan with peach compote - it'll have savory flavors without being too sweet.

Terence Sun Feb 18 2024
Vibe 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

Although I'm partial to nido's, the food and drinks were not very satisfactory. I didn't order much but rather a cheese quesadilla with birria sauce or black beans on another occasion. The questa was okay, but the black bean side was disproportionately large for its size.

Berta Denesik
Berta Denesik Thu Feb 01 2024
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

The food and drinks were fantastic, and the service was outstanding. This is the only restaurant I have ever taken a photo of to share if my server passed away while I was working there! Note: Nido's just put up arranged onsite security guard for $5 with no worries! Highly recommended! Enjoying our stay!

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