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Mon thru Fri - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Tue, Thu - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Fabian Fri Jul 19 2024
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I've always enjoyed the chilled atmosphere of Captap, with its wide selection of taps and coolers, as well as the friendly service. The pub also offers a range of sporting events, movies, and games, including an outdoor patio that is always available for drinks.

Timothy Hahn
Timothy Hahn Thu Feb 08 2024
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For almost 4-5 years, I've been attending Captap and have never experienced anything but disappoint with the clean taps that make every beer taste fresh. The servers and tappers are outstanding, and the extra cost of $1.00 for opening from the fridge is a bonus! Gotta say this place is awesome!

Jolie Fri Feb 02 2024
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My partner and I have been going to captap for the past 2.5 years and we plan to return. The staff is outstanding, the beer selection is extensive, and the atmosphere is delightful. We've even suggested some different ciders and sours to try. It's definitely worth trying out!

Belle Thompson
Belle Thompson Sun Jan 14 2024
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A person who operates the capitol hop shop in midtown is also responsible for running Capitol beer and tap room, which offers a wide variety of beers and has friendly bartenders who can help you with your beer needs. The app also provides reviews of available beer types, as well as an option to view past items by customers using the fridge feature on the app.

Brook Mon Dec 25 2023
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There's a great selection of beer and conversation going on in the area. They also have fun events to bring together the beer community. The service is always excellent, as are the Neanderthals themselves.

Ryann Mon Dec 18 2023
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During my time here, I've been sitting outside with some cans and taking breaks at the bar. While the atmosphere is fine, the staff on the "store" side of the place may have to contend with crowds during peak hours due to their extensive beer selection from various countries. Additionally, there are plenty of parking spots available for those who want to dine outdoors. The food menu is mostly vegetarian but not limited to North and South Carolina.

Corine Collins
Corine Collins Mon Dec 18 2023
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The lack of parking was a nightmare when I arrived. It took me an hour and ten to find one. I've met several coworkers who had similar experiences here, but the beer is too expensive. We paid $8 for ice cold beer, while they charged $1 for cans, suggesting that there are better business settings like those in Lincoln Park and Granite Bay without the high fees associated with their reputation.

Rollin Kris
Rollin Kris Thu Dec 14 2023
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Hello and happy readers! I found cap tap's atmosphere very friendly and the staff there were incredibly helpful. They know how hard it is to be dirty but still leave you feeling at ease. The beer selection here is excellent and they seem to have a great sense of community as well. It was enjoyable for both me and my friend, who also had ice cream on their lunch.

Lloyd Gleichner
Lloyd Gleichner Sat Dec 09 2023
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Sitting outside is spacious enough for a small group to engage in casual conversation or socializing. The place has lingering smells of junk and filth, much like reserving beer from Trader Joe's. I have no problem buying if you can buy ten but would appreciate being informed that there was only one person available who had been working too busy.

Jordane Thu Dec 07 2023
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This place is the perfect spot to get your youngster together. There were no lines, no intrigues, and the atmosphere was lovely. The staff was very friendly when I went there...I'll definitely be returning in a few weeks. It's not safe for individuals under 21 to drink at this bar.

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