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Sacramento, CA
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Mon thru Fri - 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Mon thru Fri - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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Mon thru Fri - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Rico Wed Jan 17 2024
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

We visited for a family outing and were offered the opportunity to try Uofb, which had just opened. The seating was limited to indoors, so we were given the choice of ordering either qr code on our phones or bringing ice cream as pictured. I enjoyed trying some very tasty beers, but also ordered drunken pig fries and sliders; both were excellent.

Damien Purdy
Damien Purdy Fri Dec 22 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

This restaurant is fantastic, with an emphasis on their homemade veggie patty, tater kegs, and beer cheese sauce. The food and service are top-notch, but the atmosphere must be exceptional. They can also be booked for happy hour, lunch, dinner, or simply having drinks! We were treated to a wonderful meal thanks to the welcoming staff and friendly waitresses who made sure we had the best possible beer selection.

Jess Gibson
Jess Gibson Thu Dec 21 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

Although the food was delish, the bar staff and staff were attentive and accommodating. The street tacos at this location are plentiful and filling, making it worth trying. There's also a convenient section of lounge chairs where you can relax with drinks without having to leave your car.

Velda Fri Dec 08 2023
Service 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

We were greeted by exceptionally friendly staff upon entering the premises, and our room was immediately identified as "gentlemen's quarters." When we re-entered, I quickly inquired about a flight and requested supplementary information. The staff members chose between nachos for dinner and chicken salad, while my husband selected hamburgers on the fly.

Joanny Mon Dec 04 2023
Menu 1 star2 star3 star4 star5 star

The uob is becoming more of a destination for fun and food enthusiasts, especially with its recent opening in San Francisco. While the margarita served as advertised, the drinks were terrible: both boys found it heavy and our tummy irritable while girls found theirs too weak.

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