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Sat thru Sun - 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Thu Nov 30 2023
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My husband and I made a quick reservation at the restaurant on saturday night. The location of the venue was easily accessible, including both indoor and outdoor seating. We were given different menu options and water right away. Our waiter recommended dishes such as baby green beans and spinach mixed with heavier ingredients. After trying their salad, we decided to order some heavy items like the fried rice crackers and crispy peppers.

Mon Sep 11 2023
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The tapas served here were of a decent size, although the price was definitely higher than I expected. My favorite dish was the octopus, which is probably the best I've ever had. The ravioli was also excellent, but didn't take ill and not photographed. Also, the shrimp and sausage combination was very good, just weighed down. Overall, they were very friendly (although they did check in more often).

Wed Jul 05 2023
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Although some dishes were more impressive than others, we still had a good time dining with our dog on the outdoor patio. The heat lamps provided ample warmth and the wood grilled cauliflower was surprisingly delicious. I could have wiped away all the curry sauce and charred it perfectly. Though the swordfish dish looked beautiful, the fish appeared overcooked. Satay sauce mixed with noodles added depth to the dish. Overall, this meal was fantastic.

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