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Happy hour

Thursdays - 1:00 am to 9:00 pm
Fri thru Sat - 1:00 am to 10:00 pm


Daphnee Tue Jul 23 2024
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Maydoon always delivers exceptional food and service. Reservations are recommended for dine-ins, but the upscale setting ensures you get what you pay for. The staff is friendly and accommodating, even taking your order without reservation. They asked if we wanted to sit in the main dining room when our husband was feeling the sun shining outside.

Mabel Kautzer
Mabel Kautzer Mon May 27 2024
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Have I written too much about this place? It's one of my absolute favorites in cracramento. The maydoon bowl is by far the best. And it was definitely worth trying their floral-flavored ice cream for the first time. Bravo!

Maxwell Tue Mar 12 2024
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During our week-long conference in San Francisco, I noticed that few of my colleagues were interested in persian cuisine. However, after reaching out to the staff on Yelp, they were more accommodating and helped me increase my number by 24 people in just 2 hours. They were very helpful and friendly, and offered chicken kebabs for dessert. We had a great time!

Aida Hartmann
Aida Hartmann Sun Jan 21 2024
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We had a great experience at this persian restaurant in downtown Sac, where the waiter was accommodating of us and the decor was quite modern for our age. The food was delish and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend ordering skewers with fluffy basmati rice, shirazi salad, pepper, and charred tomato. To top it off completely, we also ordered baklava (which came out of an Italian chef's kitchen). Thank you!

Sherwood Fri Jan 05 2024
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Happy hour was a cool experience, with chilly weather but little activity. The wait staff was scarce as they took 10 minutes to get their act together at 4:00pm. Our server was welcoming and apologized for any inconvenience. We highly recommend trying the zaatar fries, which were perfectly crispy, the sauce, and the well-mixed drinks, all without any complaints.

Ray Bashirian
Ray Bashirian Sat Dec 30 2023
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Our meal at this spot was fantastic, with excellent food and friendly staff providing prompt service. The setting is truly delightful, and we were treated to a delicious feast with many local flavors. They also took care to serve us when our baby was hesitant, making it an ideal date for us. We would highly recommend this place!

Kellie Tue Dec 26 2023
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Maydoon, my go-to spot for persian food in sacramento, is an amazing place to indulge in delicious food. The rice is always perfectly cooked and the chicken soltani with crispy skin is never spoiled by any other restaurant. You can also enjoy dipping sauce made with yogurt or mint on toast or nibbling on pita bread.

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