West Sacramento, CA
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Sat thru Sun - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


Myrna Tue Jan 02 2024
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The owners of "franquette" and the michelin-rated restaurant "canon" in east sacramento came up with an innovative and creative idea for a new cafe/wine bar in prestigious West Hollywood neighborhoods, which was opened in early 2022. This location is now located at the corner of bridge ß and riverfront sti; many people have praised it as one of their favorite spots, and it was brought to life by its combination of french-inspired wine bars and cafes.

Tyreek Steuber
Tyreek Steuber Sun Dec 24 2023
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The pumpkin spice caramel latte and salmon tartine at franquette cafe were both delicious. I enjoyed the combination of flavors perfectly, while the toppings on the tartines added a nice touch to my meal. Overall, I highly recommend these coffees! Friendly staff and excellent customer service!

Cayla Thu Dec 21 2023
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The atmosphere was fantastic, with a great wine selection and ambiance, as well as excellent staff and food. Thank you for everything!

Karson Graham
Karson Graham Thu Dec 14 2023
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This eatery in the west sacramento area is my go-to spot for hanging out with friends and having a great time. They have an amazing selection of coffee, espresso, and wine options, as well as onsite wine tasting opportunities. I would highly recommend their quiche experience. Don't miss out on the adorable quiches they have available right now.

Reanna Sun Dec 10 2023
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We arrived on a sunny Sunday morning at around 9:30am and had no trouble finding parking or an empty table. However, more customers quickly entered the place and soon enough took over most of our tables; we would have preferred to sit outside rather than in the sun. The waitress working counter was not very friendly, and she did not answer my question about popular dishes, which was disappointing.

Ella Fri Dec 08 2023
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The food at this place is excellent, but the staff and lack of rigidity are reminiscent of librarianship. We've been patrons over there several times, only to be turned away after having lunch once. However, our visit was too limited for proper use until we arrived at 11:30am and had to ask for "oh my God!"

Verdie Bode
Verdie Bode Tue Dec 05 2023
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I couldn't be happier with the almond croissant, which shares the same buttery-crispiness as my favorite croissant from seattle's bakery nouveau. Although it has a richer molten almond paste filling, this one is still more delectable and similar to cinn roll. It was definitely worth trying!

Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson Mon Dec 04 2023
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Despite the small size of the cafe/wine bar, I had an enjoyable experience at it. The corner of new development in west sacramento was perfect for a morning tea and breakfast, with sweeping views of community gardens surrounding the coffee shop. My lavender latte and quiche lorraine were delicious, and the eggs and puff pastry were perfectly cooked. Highly recommended!

Raphaelle Mon Nov 27 2023
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This french-themed coffee shop and wine bar is situated right across from drake's, with plenty of parking available. The cafe was packed for breakfast and we had delicious walnut croissant pastries filled to perfection. We also enjoyed vanilla lattes with decorative latte artwork on top; the coffee and croissant were a bit too sweet for my liking at first, but it was still quite pleasant inside.

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